Why choose Music2Grow?

Music2Grow has been bringing the joy of music and learning to young families on the Sunshine Coast since 2009. Educator/Owner Verna Hewitt is a Maestro Kindermusik Educator, a trained Primary School Teacher (P-10), holds a student teacher diploma with the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance and has been a licensed educator with Kindermusik International since 2003.

Why families are choosing Kindermusik classes at Music2Grow

“Verna is AMAZING! She has a wonderful singing voice and the activities are fantastic. Verna makes it what it is – not sure it would be as good with a different educator.” – Wendy B., Level 2 parent (2-3 years)

“The Program is delivered at an extremely high standard and is the best I have come across.” – Candice-Louise C., Level 1 parent (1-2 years)

“Verna is incredible with the children – she explains concepts so well, is very patient, friendly, calm and caring. She just has a beautiful way with them. The program itself is very well designed.” – Alison W., Young Child parent (5-7 years)

“Our educator Verna is terrific – she has a real way with children. I think Kindermusik is the activity my son most enjoys in his week. The way our class is set up I think is great for all kinds of kids – active boys like mine, and also quieter more reserved kids. I’ve recommended it a lot!” – Catlin E., Level 3 parent (3-5 years)

“My child gets so much out of attending class. She is always happy and relaxed with her teacher and there is always something new to learn (for both of us).” – Katie H., Level 1 parent (1-2 years)

“My baby loves it and the teacher is wonderful.” –  Nicolette M., Foundations parent (0-1 years)



“It’s great fun! My 3 year old loves it. We both look forward to it every week. Our teacher Verna is great!!!” – Elisa D., Level 3 parent (3-5 years)

“Verna…  was amazing. So passionate about what she does and so very warm with the children….not to mention patient! I feel the way the program is run is fantastic, it’s written in a way the  children really respond to and actively participate at home with.” – Natasha L., Level 2 (2-3 years)/Level 3 (3-5 years) parent

“It’s very enjoyable for my baby and also for me. It’s educational and stimulating – gives great ideas for play at home.” – Kim M., Foundations parent (0-1 years)

“I see the blossoming growth daily in my child with the music and skills she has learned through Kindermusik and a fabulous teacher” – Julie M., Level 2 parent (2-3 years)

“I think Kindermusik has given my child a head start in development of motor and social skills. She is more aware of music and movement, she can share and listen effectively. Plus it’s just good fun!” – Michelle P., Level 2 parent (2-3 years)

 “Verna is wonderful.  She’s got great ‘energy’ and relaxes the kids.  They respect her.  She has been tremendously generous in helping keep Melanie involved with the classes as I’ve been pregnant or hampered by the baby carrier…  I’ve driven across town because I’ve loved this group so much – heavily pregnant and with an infant in tow.” – Kellie A., Level 2 parent (2-3 years)

“Verna is wonderful.  She makes the experience so meaningful and enjoyable to all children and parents.  She engages each child for every activity while allowing them space to do their own thing.  [We enjoyed] all, but in particular, rocking time, rhymes and instrument exploration.” – Bernadette K., Level parent (3-5 years)

“[We enjoy] the music – especially the different tempos.  Our teacher (Verna for both) really helped the children enjoy the experience and the knowledge that she passed on helped me integrate it at home.  Both children have blossomed this term.  We have set up a CD in the play area and the 3yr-old will often turn the music on herself or will just start singing a song from Kindermusik. The youngest starts to bounce as soon as she hears the music start and loves to play with instruments as part of her playing time.” -Kindermusik Our Time/Village mum to 3 year-old & 12 month old.

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