Kindermusik Age Groups

Click on the links below for more information for your child’s age-group.

All over the world, parents bond with their babies through musical sounds and rhythmic movement. They rock and swing their children, put them to sleep with lullabies, make them laugh with nursery rhymes. Parents know instinctively what scientists have now proven: young children thrive on music. It’s one of the best vehicles for learning in early childhood development.

From dancing with your baby to hearing the notes of your child’s first composition, Kindermusik is that one special place where you and your child can play, sing, dance and enjoy special one-on-one time together.

Music2Grow offers classes for children aged 0-7 years. Classes are held in three convenient locations on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland: Buderim, Cooroy and Noosa.

See our current class schedule here and click on the links below for more information for your child’s age-group:

Foundations (0-12 months)

Level One (1-2 years)

Level Two (2 – 3.5 years)

Level Three (3-5 years)

Level Four (4-6 years)

Young Child (4.5 – 7 years)

Why is music such a great teaching tool? Your child’s entire brain is engaged when listening to music and participating in music & movement activities. Music stimulates pathways linked to all fields of learning.

Kindermusik Learning Domains

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