Musical Tips for Travel with Your Preschooler

Your Preschooler-3 to 5 years

Fantasy Island

Perhaps you’ve noticed a growing sense of adventure in your preschooler-both cognitively and experientially.  Does he surprise you with dramatic displays?  Create unlikely images from words you didn’t know could go together?  Inquire more persistently?  There’s wonder in his “whys.” And travel, actual or fanciful, feeds this wonder, stimulates imagination, and helps him shape his view of the world. Remove the ordinary constraints of location-or just pretend to-and anything is possible!

Pack Your Bags

This activity can be enjoyed ahead of time as you actually pack, as a memory game, or as a pretend play activity in preparation for a make-believe “trip.”  As you ready your child for the expedition, engage his problem-solving skills as well as his fancy in the process.

1. Tell your child you’re going on a train ride and you’ll need to pack your bags.  “Oh, my! What shall we take and what shall we pack it in?” Follow your child’s lead.

2. Lay an imaginary or real suitcase (or whatever your child suggests) on the floor and pat it to the steady beat together as you sing “Standing on the Platform.” (You may wish to pause to explain what a platform is.)

3. Adapt the song to your mode of transportation, such as “Standing in the airport, waiting for the plane…”

4. Sing the song several times. Each time, take turns with your child suggesting something to bring along. Have fun talking about why you’ll need each item. Sing the suggested item in place of the words “old blue bonnet.”

To download any of the songs suggested here and others for your mp3 player, just go to Play Kindermusik

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