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Strengthens Musical Foundations

NB We are currently taking expressions of interest for Level 4 classes to commence in Noosa on Thursday mornings. Contact me to express your interest in these classes for your older preschooler/prep-aged child.
Young children who continue Kindermusik class into early school age will develop a greater capacity for learning and a lifelong love of music. In Kindermusik class, your budding musician will be introduced to fundamental musical concepts, notation, and the basics of vocal development. Children explore a wide variety of musical styles and the instruments of the orchestra through group ensemble play, music, games, and stories from many cultures. These classes are a musical learning experience that set the stage for future school success and the transition into formal music lessons.

About the Classes

Age Range: 4 to 6 years
Class Structure: 
8-9 classes per term
Class Length:
45 minute class each week
Class Size
Class with no more than 10 children
Parent Involvement:
Last 10-15 minutes of class

What you’ll experience in Kindermusik Music Classes for Big Kids

At this age, big kids love learning and making music with their peers and can now begin to apply what they are learning in different ways. But especially when it comes to music, they need a learning environment that encourages without pushing. The rich foundation of musicianship which Kindermusik lays has the potential to accelerate later progress on an instrument.

  • Singing and vocal development – It may sound like a foreign language when a child sings “ta” and “ti-ti,” but this is the language of professional musicians and composers and getting young children ready to read and write simple rhythm patterns.
  • Movement — See children dance expressively to music, giving them the practice they need to coordinate their body movements to the sound of music. This kind of musical play not only improves musicianship, but physical coordination as well.
  • Musical concepts and composers — In our Big Kids class, the learning becomes more specific with greater application and learning as we explore some of the fundamental concepts of music and learn a little about some of music history’s greatest composers and their compositions.
  • Focused listening — Children will learn to identify a range of orchestra instruments and their sound qualities, while also gaining an early awareness and knowledge of composers and masterworks in Western arts tradition.
  • Exploring and playing musical instruments — Children are exposed to a wide variety of age-appropriate instruments. Playing instruments helps 4-6 year-olds practice fine motor skills, engage in creative problem-solving, experiment with new sounds and rhythms, and provides children with the opportunity to musically succeed before taking on more formal instruction.
  • Kindermusik@Home — your Digital Home Materials contain an abundance of unit-specific, age-appropriate materials and activities – all tied to the class content. The digital home materials are built specifically to make it fun and easy to connect class-time to home-time, enriching both experiences.

Term Fees and inclusions: Term fees include 8 x 45 minute classes (developmentally appropriate curriculum for preschoolers aged 4-6 years) and Kindermusik@Home Materials (2 digital at home unit themes per term)

  • Package A: Total $140 (includes tuition and Kindermusik@Home, your very own online resource with class music and listening excerpts, e-book, activities to do at home together and parent information to support the classroom experience).
  • Package B: Total $160 (includes tuition, Kindermusik@Home + 2 CDs of beautifully arranged songs & verses from class, class story book and age-appropriate prop/instrument).

Missed the start of the semester?  No problem, you can join at any time.  Come along to a preview in an existing class. Preview class cost is $15 and includes a 45-minute Kindermusik class and CD to take home. The cost of your preview class will be deducted from your term fees when you enrol. Bookings are essential. Contact Verna for more information M: 0415 482 264 or email

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