Musical Tips for Travel With Your Toddler

Your Toddler-1½ to 3 years

Navigating the Emotions of Travel

For toddlers, so much of the world is beyond their control and so many things come by surprise.  Familiar rituals provide security to balance the unpredictability of life.  Moving and talking through an experience can also provide an opportunity to own and process emotions and can allow children to play out coping strategies that, with repetition, become assimilated as aspects of emotional well being.  The familiar “Ring around the Rosey,” for example, lets children play out the experience of falling down but then getting back up and carrying on.  Similarly, you can help your child prepare for a trip by talking about the experience and “playing it out” with an engaging song or rhyme with movement.

Prepare for Take-Off

Flying on an airplane can be very exciting for a young child.  Tell your child in advance about your travel plans.  Show her pictures of airplanes and talk with her about the experience, sharing things she can look forward to such as all the interesting things and people you will see in the airport and on the plane. Enjoy the “Run and Jump”/”Soaring” activity at home, in the airport, or in flight.

1. Stretch your arms out like “wings” and crouch down low.

2. Speak the “Take-Off” verse of “Run and Jump,” moving accordingly.

3. After flying around a bit, bring your plane in for a landing with the second verse.

4. Repeat several times, then insert the song “Soaring” between “Take-Off” and “Landing.” As you sing, fly about as before.

5. In lieu of the whole body jet, you can adapt this activity and fly a “hand airplane,” with thumb and pinky extended as wings.

Run and Jump – by Susan James

Verse 1: Take-Off – I crouch down low.  My wings are ready.  Moving slowly- Steady, steady.  Faster, faster,  Running by,  I run and jump Into the sky!

Verse 2: Landing – Time to land now,  Down I come.  Lower, slower,  All done.

To download any of the songs suggested here for your mp3 player, just go to Play Kindermusik

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