Enrol Now for Term 2 – New Timetable!

Enrolment is now open for all Term 2 Kindermusik classes at Music2Grow. Grab your hat and your sunscreen – we’re heading to the farm, going to the beach, playing in the garden, and exploring the rhythms of the land. Each week, we’ll enjoy hands-on, musical play that combines your child’s natural love of music and…

Sensory Play and your Baby’s Developing Brain

Being allowed to explore and experiment within safe limits is of extreme importance to your baby’s brain development. Those babies who are allowed to explore generally become eager and flexible learners. Your baby’s play is how they learn!

Music, Patterns and Your Baby’s Growing Mind & Body

The early years are the optimum time for exposing your baby to a rich variety of musical tempi, rhythms and patterns. “Music education research indicates that children are more ‘open-eared when they are young; their music preferences are broad and amenable to extension.”