MONDAYS – BUDERIM (Goodlife Centre)
9.00am Level One (Walkers 1-2 years)
10.00am Level Two (Toddlers 2-3 years)
11.00am Level Three (Preschoolers 3-5 years)
12.00pm Level Four (Peschoolers (4-6 years)

9.00am Level One (Walkers 1-2 years)
10.00am Level Two/Three (Preschoolers 2-4 years)
11.15am Baby and Me (Babies 0 -1 years)

FRIDAYS – COOROY (Cooroy Library)
9.15am Level One (Walkers 1-2 years)
10.15am Level Two/Three (Preschoolers 2-4 years)
11.30am Baby and Me (Babies 0 -1 years)

Term 3 commences from Monday 17th July and runs for 8 weeks.
See Term Fees and inclusions and ENROL here. CONTACT US to find out more.

TERM 3, 2023: Monday 17th July – Friday 8th September.

Kindermusik at Music2Grow

“Well set up class that keeps kids engaged. My child looks forward to music each week. As soon as we arrive she is on a mission to get through the door to start.”– Lucy C.

* This class is currently full, however please do CONTACT US to be placed on the waiting list to be advised when a place becomes available.

All classes are lead by accredited Kindermusik educator and Top Program owner, Verna Hewitt, who holds a Graduate Diploma of Education (P-10) and has more than 20 years experience in early childhood music education.

Timetable updated 27/05/23

28 Comments Add yours

  1. Kylie says:

    Hi, I know this is late notice but I was hoping to come along to your session at 10.30 am tomorrow for a look see with my 10 month old. Would this be possible?
    Look forward to hearing from u.

  2. verna says:

    Hi Kylie,
    I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment in time this morning – you are very welcome to come and trial next Tuesday at 10.30am if it suits you? Just let me know and I can send you through some more information. kind regards, Verna.

  3. Magnum says:

    I loved your program, however We live in Mooloolaba.
    Do you do this around here? If not, do you know any similar program?


  4. verna says:

    Hi Magnum, The Kindermusik class finder will help you find your closest Kindermusik educator: http://www.kindermusik.com/kids-music-classes/. Just type in your postcode and the age-group you are looking for. There are classes in Buderim that would be quite close to you. cheers, Verna.

  5. Magnum says:

    Hi Verna,
    Thanks heaps, I will visit them Friday.
    All the best!

  6. Katie says:

    Just wondering if you do classes in Nambour? I have a copy of the Sunshine Coast Councils What’s On January July 2015 guide where you have advertised classes in Nambour but they are not listed here on your site.

  7. verna says:

    Hi Katie, Thanks for your message. I don’t have classes scheduled for Nambour at the moment but please contact me (verna.hewitt@gmail.com) and let me know your child’s age and I can let you know what classes are available near you and also put you on my list as interested in Nambour. kind regards, Verna.

  8. Lyndal says:

    Enrolment for cuddles and grow Thursday’s at cooroy library do you have any vacancies left?

  9. verna says:

    Hi Lyndal,
    Yes, I still have places available for Cuddle & Bounce at Cooroy Library – look forward to having you join us:) I have sent confirmation details via email. kind regards, Verna.

  10. Peta says:

    Hi, I’m interested in trilling the baby class on Friday with my 7 month old?

  11. verna says:

    Hi Peta,
    It would be lovely to have you come and try a class with us in Buderim on Friday. Please let me know your baby’s name and your email address (just email me at verna.hewitt@gmail.com) and I can send you through confirmation and welcome information. Look forward to meeting you on Friday.
    kind regards,

  12. Karen says:

    Hi, Would it be possible to trial you 3-5 yr old class in Noosa to see if it suits us. Thanks. Karen

  13. verna says:

    Hi Karen,
    Thanks very much for your message. Yes, you are most welcome to come along for a free preview. Please email me at verna.hewitt@gmail.com and I can send you details.
    kind regards,

  14. louanne reid says:

    Hi Verna
    I am very interested in enrolling my little 13 month old girl into classes, however she is still sleeping at 10am.
    Do you have other time schedules for her age group?

  15. verna says:

    Hi Louanne,
    Thanks very much for your message – I’ve sent you a private message with details:) kind regards, Verna.

  16. Ariel Drew says:

    Hi Verna
    I’d love to see a preview of Wiggle and Grow 9:00am at Budrim as soon as your term starts if that’s possible? I have a 4yr and 20mth old.
    Regards Ariel

  17. verna says:

    Hi Ariel, Yes, you are most welcome to come to preview in the first week of term. Message me your children’s names and an email address and phone contact to M: 0415482264 and I will book you in and send more information including family prices. kind regards, Verna.

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