“ABC Music and Me” at Kin Kin Playgroup

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I am very excited to announce that Kin Kin Playgroup, in collaboration with Kin Kin State School P&C,  have been successful in receiving a grant from the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to bring ABC Music & Me Classes to Kin Kin Playgroup.  Music2Grow will be delivering the 4-session programme at Kin Kin Playgroup commencing next Thursday 30th July.

I am so happy to be involved in a project that not only provides families in our local community access to an enrichment activity that supports their child’s whole development and involves the whole family but also encourages positive interaction between school, playgroup and the local community.  Many families in the Kin Kin area are not able to participate in activities in other town-centres due to financial constraints, distance & travel constraints.  So this project brings the music sessions to them and has the added benefit of  building community partnerships and encouraging social interaction for both children and their parents.

ABC Music & Me is a wonderful programme designed by Kindermusik International  to meet the needs of preschool children and their families in a child care or early childhood setting.  The ABC Music & Me programme:

* Provides a warm and inclusive introduction to music

* Involves the whole family in music making & provides parents with valuable insights into their child’s development

* Nurtures the bond between parent/caregiver and child

* Acknowledges each child’s unique responses and development & encourages participation in a music-making community

Families who participate in this programme will see the benefits to their children both now and in years to come.  Kindermusik programmes promote the development of important school-readiness skills – including listening and attention skills, inhibitory control, self-confidence, reading-readiness, language development, self-motivation, physical coordination, social skills and cognitive reasoning.  Activities are undertaken in a safe class environment with parents present and involved.

At Home Materials are an integral part of the programme and are pivitol to its success.  Each participating family receives a set of materials including a CD of all songs, rhymes & verses from class, a child-friendly non-pitched musical instrument and a family magazine including the class story, family activity pages and parent notes.  The inclusion of materials allows each family to reinforce concepts learned in class at home, between sessions, and provides families with the tools to continue music-making at home, well after the programme is completed.

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