What Sunshine Coast Families are Saying About Music2Grow

“My son has had a wonderful time at Kindermusik – he has enjoyed the music, dancing, playing with other babies and the lovely teacher – Verna. Verna makes the class so enjoyable for the babies, she is so calm, gentle and kind. Lachie gets excited as soon as we walk into class and he sees her. We have re-enrolled for next term.” – Kindermusik Village mum to 12 month-old (4th April, 2009).

“I see the blossoming growth daily in my child with the music and skills she has learnt through Kindermusik and a fabulous teacher” – Kindermusik Our Time mum to 2 year-old (22nd October, 2009)

“I think Kindermusik has given my child a head start in development of motor and social skills. She is more aware of music and movement, she can share and listen effectively. Plus it’s just good fun!” – Kindermusik Our Time mum to 2 year-old (19th October, 2009)

“My son enjoys it so much that I’m sure other parents would love to see their children smile and laugh the way mine does.” – Kindermusik Village mum to 7 month-old (19th October, 2009)

“My daughter absolutely loves it and I can see how much she learns from the classes.” – Kindermusik Village mum to 13 month-old (17th October, 2009)

“The time I spend with my son in class each week is invaluable time spent one on one enjoying a playful and relaxed adventure in musical discovery together. It also provides my son Olivier with an opportunity to experience new ways of interacting in a group situation both with the adults and other children present.” – Kindermusik Village mum to  12 month-old (24th November, 2008).

“Kindermusik appears to be very well researched and age appropriate, supporting the development of children in all aspects of their lives. “
– Kindermusik Our Time mum to 2 year-old (24th November, 2008).

“We have all enjoyed the friendship and the exposure to different types of music.” – Kindermusik Village mum to 16 month-old (30th October, 2008).