Now Enroling for Term 2!

Music2Grow is now accepting enrolments for Term 2.  Classes commence Wednesday 21st April 2010 with final make-up classes on 17th June.  Register and pay for your Kindermusik Class by 7th April for an Earlybird Discount!

Click here for an Enrolment Form Sem1 2010 and Registration Information

Term 2 Timetable COOROY

TUESDAYS – Karinya Montessori Children’s House

11.30am            ABC Music & Me (2-4 years)

WEDNESDAYS – Adrenalin PAA Dance Studio

9:30am         Kindermusik Our Time (18 months – 3 yrs)

10:30am       Kindermusik Imagine That! (3-5 yrs)

11:30am        Kindermusik Village (newborn – 18 months)

THURSDAYS – Adrenalin PAA Dance Studio

9.30am         Kindermusik Family Time (newborn – 7 years)

10:30am       Kindermusik Village (newborn – 18 months)

11:30am       Kindermusik Imagine That! (3-5 years)

Kindermusik Village: Zoom Buggy!

Newborn – 18months (8 week Unit commencing week of 19th April)

Swoosh, vroom, and clickety-clack your way through this delightful unit. Babies and adults will dance, sing, and play instruments to the theme of being on the go. Chug around the room to the song “Little Red Caboose,” hold on tightly while “Riding in the Buggy,” and dance your way to “Zoom-e-oh!”  Engage in rituals and playful activities such as infant massage, lap bounces, exercise, and quiet time.

Village classes engage all your baby’s senses and rewards her curiosity with object and instrument exploration, vocal play, singing, creative movement and a colourful literature component. Multi-level activities encourage you to make creative choices as she grows from a lap baby to a crawler to a walker!

Click here for Zoom Buggy! Class Information

Kindermusik Our Time: Wiggles & Giggles

18 months – 3 years (16 week Unit)  Classes have commenced – ask for a pro-rated cost to join mid-semester.

This unit is all about fun movement (wiggles!) combined with silly songs, sounds and emotion (giggles!).  The unique musical activities in every class are designed to reflect the importance of movement in the life of your toddler. Children uncover an engaging musical world while building confidence, self-control, social and communications skills. Singing, imitating sounds, rhyming, and object identification foster language skills, while creative movement develops a sense of balance, timing, and spatial awareness.

Click here for Wiggles Class Information

Kindermusik Imagine That: See What I Saw

3-5 years (16 week Unit)  Classes have commenced – ask for a pro-rated cost to join mid-semester.

In this class preschoolers use their real experience of playing in the park to create imaginative, storytelling scenarios with music—children will go on an imaginary trip to Grasshopper Park where they engage in many activities including playing on the park slide and then recreating the sounds of this experience with a looooong vocal glissando.  Use the slide whistle in your home materials kit to create your own glissando sounds at home! Each week provides preschoolers one uninterrupted session of imaginative, musical play that’s guided in a very specific, sequential way—with a special sharing time with parents in the last 15 minutes of class.

Click here for See What I Saw! Class Information

NB  Some classes will run subject to numbers and others fill quickly. A deposit and completed registration form are required to secure your place in class.  If you don’t see your chosen class here, please contact me to discuss options.

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