Spotlight on Learning: Village

Learning through Music

By exploring with sound, babies and young toddlers practice their visual thinking skills or spatial-reasoning skills. Good visual thinking skills are essential for a child to later excel in maths, science, and geography.

We spend time in Kindermusik doing this together by playing different instruments and experimenting with lots of sounds, such as the different bird calls we “sing” together.  In fact, children participating in Kindermusik tripled spatial-reasoning skills during a recent research project. Read more…

Everyday connection

Be a Sound Explorer with your child. How many different sounds can a bath book, baby spoon, and Kindermusik Chime Ball make?  Does a sippy cup with milk make the same sound as a sippy cup filled with cereal?  What items on your changing table make sounds that can entertain your baby during a nappy change?

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