ABC Music & Me classes for the Early Childhood Learning Centre

ABC Music & Me is a fantastic, research-based language and early literacy program built around music.  Weekly classes taught at your child’s early learning centre help develop pre-literacy and language skills through a child’s most-loved rituals – music and story time.

Small-group classes create a musical learning environment in the childcare or playgroup setting that is active, engaging and developmentally appropriate.

ABC Music & Me combines structure with flexibility to enable children of all ages to flourish. Students with limited English vocabularies or with disabilities can not only participate, but can also grow both music and language skills.

Why use music as a teaching tool?

Music is scientifically proven to stimulate language-learning, including listening skills essential to early school success.  Early literacy skills, such as phonological awareness, are improved with musical instruction.

Early musical experiences are proven to advance memory, attention and brain development and have shown positive outcomes in the learning of early mathematics skills.

Combining music with movement creates new learning pathways in the brain while also enhancing motor skills and physical development.

The advantages of small-group learning

Group learning helps children develop important social skills such as cooperation, focused listening, sharing, turn-taking and inhibitory control that will make the transition to school life easier.

Gathering in a group to sing and learn is a positive way to lower inhibitions, build self-esteem and to foster a sense of inclusion.

A recent study conducted to assess whether structured group music activities have an effect, either positive or negative, on toddlers between 12 and 24 months old, found that:  “…participation in four to seven music sessions significantly increased higher level developmental skills. Significantly more children in the music group demonstrated higher level music and cognitive skills than did those in the control group.”*

What can I do to ensure my child fully benefits from ABC Music & Me?

Consistent attendance advances your child’s learning.  With each successive month of involvement, she will become more comfortable with the ABC Music & Me environment and will therefore open up to allow higher levels of learning.

Each enrolled child receives a Home Materials Kit including CD, instrument and Parent guide to build on concepts developed in class and to bring class activities into the home.

Contact Verna to enrol your child in ABC Music & Me classes at Karinya Montessori Children’s House, Cooroy or to find out more about introducing ABC Music & Me to your childcare centre, family day care or playgroup.

* “Effects of Parent/Child Group Music Activities on Toddler Development: A Pilot Study”, Jayne M Standley; Darcy Walworth; Judy Nguyen, Music Therapy Perpsectives; 2009; 27, 1; ProQuest Direct Complete p.11

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