Announcing our Term 4 Kindermusik class themes

We’re getting ready for a new term of music & movement fun at Music2Grow!Kindermusik

Babies and toddlers will be cooking up a musical storm with some deliciously fun activities, around the themes of family, food and cooking. Preschoolers will be exercising their imaginations and developing their social and emotional skills as they play – in the park, at home, in the toy shop and at the zoo and Big Kids will continue to develop their musical skills on the glockenspiel and learn about the Orchestra Family as we focus on the classic musical story: Peter and the Wolf.

Each unit is packed with music, stories and activities to stimulate language, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development and inspire a lifetime love of music and learning!

Term 4 classes will commence on Tuesday 7th October at Cooroy Library and Thursday 9th October at Nambour Civic Centre.


Cuddle & Bounce (0-1 years)

Peas & Carrots
Yum, yum, yum! Are you hungry? In Peas & Carrots, we’ll have fun moving, singing, and playing as we explore snacks, meals, cooking and, mmm… mmm, eating! We’ll focus on patterns, helping babies learn to explore, understand, and anticipate the world around them. So get ready to play in the kitchen—it’s time for some deliciously fun activities!

Nighty Night
It’s nighttime, but not quite bedtime yet! In this unit, babies will use their vision to explore the night. We’ll see the moon and the twinkling stars, and say hello to Wee Willie Winkie and the man in the moon! Finally, it’s time to get ready for beddy-bye—with bathtime, a little playtime, and then it’s time to say Nighty Night!

Term Fees: $120* (* Early Bird Discount) includes 8 x 45 minute classes and Kindermusik@Home Materials: 2 x digital At Home units, 2 x CDS of class music, Board Book: Nighty Night and Baby Bell instrument.

NEW ENROLMENT SPECIAL – for babies 6 months and under attending their first term of Cuddle & Bounce – $50 (does not include take home pack). Read more…

Sing & Play (1-2 years)SingandPlay

All we can say is…Yum! Your family will “gobble up” this unit’s strawberries and pancakes, apples, raisins, and other yummy treats. Then you’ll all move, move, move! Little bodies learn movement, coordination, and body awareness through contrasts – so get ready to move your body in high-and-low, large-and-small, and even energetic-and-calm ways.

Family All Around Me
For toddlers, “family” means everyone who loves them! Toddlers are surrounded by family members, friends, and other loving caregivers who look after them and shape their days. Family All Around Me celebrates these bonds and offers lots of opportunities for fun, connection, movement, and instrument play.

Term Fees: $120* (* Early Bird Discount) includes 8 x 45 minute classes and Kindermusik@Home Materials: 2 x digital At Home units, 2 x CDS of class music, Board Book: Cookie Party and Chime Ball.

Wiggle & Grow (1.5 – 3 years)WG logo13 (2)

Time for Lunch
Come and get it! There’s nothing that gives us more joy and comfort than sharing good food and good stories with those we love. In this unit, we’ll explore food – from preparing to eating – through songs, vocal play, instruments, and focused listening activities. So wash your hands and put on your apron. It’s time to chop the veggies, mix the pancake batter, and grow some peas. It’s Time for Lunch!

Family & Friends
Family, friends and music, three of the things that bring joy to our lives come together in this delightful unit. Listening to Grandma and Grandpa on the phone, feeling the energy of the market with Mama Paquita and playing along with classic strains of Handel’s Rigaudon are just some of the activities leading us to explore social development and pattern recognition.

Term Fees: $100* (* Early Bird Discount) includes 8 x 45 minute classes and Kindermusik@Home Materials: 2 x digital At Home units.

Optional Take Home Pack ($20): 2 x CDs of class music, class storybook: The Gingerbread Boy, Scarf & Mini-Maraca instrument.

Laugh & Learn (3-5 years)LL logo13

Let’s Play
Gee, but it’s great to meet a friend! Let’s Play mixes favourite toys of childhood with the magic of music and pretend play. A pretend walk to the park develops into problem solving, cooperation, and instrument play. Familiar childhood toys like teddy bears, Jack-in-the-boxes, balls, and spinning tops are nestled into this unit along with luscious vocal play with silly words and rhymes. Happy times are ahead as we take a ride on a train to help us learn about accelerando and about slowing to a stop. Lesson foci of pretend play, cause and effect and prediction, and learning in a group help families learn about the ways children learn to create, assemble, and understand their world as they go about their play.

Wild Animal Park
We meet many animals in the wild animal park as we hop like frogs and stomp like elephants, move slow like a sloth and quick like a monkey. We dance a Jungle Dance, Slither and Pounce, and do a Kangaroo Bounce. We go Moving in the Rainforest and travel with Tigers in the Snow and Jungle. We fly like birds through a World of Wonder and take a walk on the wild side as we focus on social and emotional development as well as the power of music on brain development. We celebrate the joy of music with a Jungle Hokey Pokey and the beloved Kookaburra. We’re embarking on an adventure you won’t forget!

Term Fees: $100* (* Early Bird Discount) includes 8 x 45 minute classes and Kindermusik@Home Materials: 2 x digital At Home units.

Optional Take Home Pack ($25): 2 x CDs of class music, class storybook: Put Your Left Paw In and Drum.

Young Child 2 (5-7 years)YCcolor2_rv

Big kids will continue to develop their skills on the glockenspiel and will explore the instruments of the Orchestra – Woodwind Family, Percussion Family, Brass Family and String Family – as depicted in our focus piece for this unit, the classic story by Sergi Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf. Young Child helps children develop a strong musical foundation as they are introduced to fundamental music concepts, musical vocabulary, notation, and the basics of vocal development through group ensemble play, music, games, and stories from many cultures. This is a semester-based program. Please contact Verna for mid-semester enrolment costs and inclusions.

If you’d like to know more about any of the programs on offer for Term 4 or would like to book in for a free preview class, please use the form below to contact Verna or Ph: 0415 482 264

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