Music2Grow for Babies – Free Preview Class

Join us for a FREE PREVIEW class for Cuddle and Bounce (babies 0-12 months): 

COOROY LIBRARY: Tuesday 28th October 2.00pm – 2.45pm

NAMBOUR CIVIC CENTRE: Thursday 30th October 10.00am – 10.45am

Kindermusik Cuddle & Bounce provides a delightful environment unlike any other. Through a unique blend of multi-sensory activities that include creative CB Mum and Babymovement, vocal play, object and instrument exploration, and a colourful literature component, your little one’s growth and development are stimulated and all senses engaged.

Cuddle & Bounce is for lap babies, crawlers and walkers under 12 months. It incorporates the most current research on early childhood development and provides families a special place for learning and connecting with other parents and babies through music and movement.

Cuddle & Bounce celebrates the amazing journey of a baby’s first year of life, focusing on:

  • Language and Vocal Development – Babies’ early language skills are nurtured as they imitate sounds, engage in lots of give-and-take conversations, and add to communicative abilities through sign language.
  • Brain Development – Through every movement, a baby’s brain synapses and the connections between neurons are created and strengthened.
  • Large and Small Motor Skills – Expand your baby’s movement repertoire through music and movement activities that support rolling, crawling, and kicking as well as sitting and standing independently, and later learning to walk, march, and dance; playful activities such as reaching for or grasping objects will aid small motor skills.
  • Social-Emotional Development – Through lots of cuddling, playing, humming, and dancing, Kindermusik activities help build and strengthen parents’ relationship with children. Side-by-side play and group dance activities with other parents and children provide the important benefits of safe and early interactions with the wider social world.
  • Musical Development – Together, parents and babies will explore simple, baby-safe percussion instruments. Throughout hundreds of different Kindermusik music and movement activities, babies receive an early introduction to the songs, sounds, rhythms, and tempos of music from around the world.

Bookings essential (minimum 4, maximum 10 per class). Contact Verna M: 0415 482 264  E: to reserve your spot.

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