Kindermusik Online Materials – Your Home Learning Kit

One of the things I love most about being a Kindermusik educator and the Kindermusik programme is how it supports parents as their child’s most important teacher with the Kindermusik Online Materials.  There is nothing I love more than when a parent tells me how a Kindermusik song calmed their baby on a long car trip or a finger play entertained their child while waiting at the doctor’s.

Kindermusik songs, verses and activities are great to incorporate into your daily routines and rituals –  from bath time to bedtime; from doctor visits to grocery shopping—the same songs and activities from class can make transitions easier, support the parent-child bond and create lasting memories. Anyone else sing the Kindermusik song every time you put your toys away or host an impromptu dance party to your favourite CD on a rainy day?

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Kindermusik Online Materials: Sharing the Magic of Music at Home Every Day!

Kindermusik Online Materials are an integral component of every Kindermusik class at Music2Grow – from Foundations babies to Level 5 big kids. Your own online learning resource, Kindermusik Online Materials allow you to tap into the power of music to help make parenting easier and supports your role as your child’s first and most important teacher.

Your online learning resource: easy access to your favourite Kindermusik songs, activities, books and lyrics—as well as recipes, learning games and crafts – in a green-friendly digital format any time from your smart phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, or computer.

  • Music downloads: songs, rhymes, stories and listening excerpts from class
  • Literature book in e-book format
  • Activity buttons lead to age-appropriate activities such as:
    • dance and movement activities
    • fingerplay demonstrations
    • together-in-the-kitchen activities
    • music time
    • focused listening games
    • video field trips
    • find-it/count-it style activities
    • ideas for pretend or imaginative play
  • The Why It’s Good for Your Child area provides you with the educational insight behind the activities.
  • The Download Center provides Printable Activity Pages and, Printable Lyrics Pages for all of the songs.

Your Kindermusik Online Materials are an essential connection between the Kindermusik experience and everyday routines at home as well as out and about.

Your baby loves to hear the familiar sounds of “Gee, but it’s Great to Meet a Friend” via your downloaded class music while riding in their car seat – helping develop memory of a fun, kinaesthetic, social and aural experience.

Toddlers enjoy reading “Pete and P.J.” or singing along and doing the actions to “Mister Sun” at home – boosting their total literacy development by involving every sense.

Preschoolers enjoy boosting their vocabulary and social skills and imagining their own scenarios as they grow with the sunflowers and dance with the bunnies in “Sunflowers and Bunnies” or create their own underwater story to “Song of the Sea”.

Make Music Every Day!

Kindermusik is more than just a once-a-week 45-minute class. Unlike most other music programs for young children, Kindermusik is designed as an everyday musical experience. Your Kindermusik Online Materials provide you with the tools you need to continue the learning, growing and musical fun all week long with your child.

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