Why is Barefoot Best?

You may wonder why we go barefoot in our Kindermusik classroom? Going barefoot has many benefits for young children (and adults too!) – it supports brain development, gives children greater access to sensory experiences and is great for their physical development. Among other things, going barefoot is good for:

Sensory Integration
Feet are absolutely loaded with nerve endings and other cells responsible for sensory input. Going barefoot allows children to to access sensory experiences through their feet as well as their hands and other senses, which aids in the integration of sensory input.

Spatial Awareness and Coordination
Walking barefoot stimulates the proprioceptive and vestibular senses which are responsible for control, balance and an awareness of where our bodies are in time and space. It also strengthens the neuromuscular system allowing for optimal activation of the muscles, ligaments and nerves in the feet.

Brain Development
Feet are more closely connected to children’s brains than any other part of the body – they are one of the most sensory-rich parts of the body, contributing to the connection of neurological pathways in the brain and enhancing brain development.

Health and Wellbeing
Walking barefoot can lower toxic stress, regulate stress responses, and boost immunity. When children go barefoot it helps to ground the body, provides immediate environmental feedback, supports the nervous system and aids in self-regulation.

written by Verna Hewitt – information gathered from Kindermusik International early childhood curriculum, “Going Barefoot Boosts Brain Development in Children” – Bridging the Gap Intervention and “Scientists Claim that Keeping Babies Barefoot for Longer Could Increase their Intelligence” – apost.com