Music2Grow Playdate Classes for 2011

Music2Grow is continuing with its very popular Playdate Programme in 2011. Designed as a casual 40 minute class run during term time, each class includes a little singing, a little dancing, a little playing and a whole lot of learning fun! Join us for a Playdate in Term 1 2011 Friday 11th March – 9.00am…

Kindermusik Radio is Here!

Dance, march, skip, and stretch. Swing your partner and then rock to a lullaby. Smile and laugh. These are just some of the activities that parents and children enjoy when they join a Kindermusik class.  We provide parents with a way to engage and interact with their children – while training the brain and soothing…

Are You Getting Your Weekly Dose of Cuddles?

Your actions communicate a very powerful message that helps build your little one’s emotional security and self-esteem. Emotional security is as important to your child’s development as eating and sleeping. With each cuddle, smile & giggle you are helping your child grow to be a confident, resilient learner.

A Kindermusik Class for the Whole Family!

Would you like to join a Kindermusik class but with the addition of a second or third little music-maker to your family, it just doesn’t seem possible? Do you wish you could spend time together with your children, doing one activity as a family? Then Kindermusik Family Time is for you.

The Positives of Rituals & Routines

Magically Transforming Routine Some parents seem to have a magic touch when it comes to helping children stay calm, happy, and cooperative. For many with this talent, the secret is their use of routines and rituals. We know that routines are important to the very youngest. Your newborn baby came into the world with natural…