Getting Ready for Preschool is Child’s Play!

If you pass by the Noosa Christian College’s church hall on a Wednesday morning, you are sure to hear music, singing and laughter.  Miming and singing “Wheels on the Bus” may seem like child’s play, but engaging in music-making activities with your child is not only fun, it also supports their whole development.

Studies continue to show that music has a positive impact on a child’s ability to learn. Not only in terms of preschool readiness, but making and responding to music can help a child use scissors, kick a ball, as well as have a positive impact on a child’s sense of self-esteem and self-expression.

Families who attend Kindermusik classes at Music2Grow will see the benefits to their children both now and in years to come.  Kindermusik programmes promote the development of important school-readiness skills – including listening and attention skills, inhibitory control, self-confidence, reading-readiness, language development, self-motivation, physical coordination, social skills and cognitive reasoning.  Activities are undertaken in a safe class environment with parents present and involved.  Kindermusik classes at Music2Grow aim to:

* Provide a warm and inclusive introduction to music

* Involve the whole family in music making & provide parents with valuable insights into their child’s development

* Nurture the bond between parent/caregiver and child

* Acknowledge each child’s unique responses and development & encourage participation in a music-making community

Carol Penney, Kindermusik International’s Director of Education says, “For a child, being ready for preschool is about feeling comfortable with himself. He then has the confidence to leave Mum and Dad at home and get involved with what’s going on in preschool.”

Kindermusik classes are designed by music teachers and early childhood educators. Activities are based on new and proven research that music making music can stimulate every area in the child’s development:

  • Stimulate a love of diverse styles of music—varied musical exposure leads to language proficiency and spatial-temporal reasoning, which is the foundation for engineering and science.
  • Foster creativity using music, dance, drama—children use creative thinking skills in pretend play, enhancing their ability to think in different ways.
  • Teaches parents about child development—parents are the child’s first teacher. Kindermusik classes help parents understand the child development process by explaining developmental benefits of each class activity and offering activities they can do together at home.

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