Around The Farm: Session Notes

Around the Farm

Around the Farm Week 1

This week we enjoyed a pretend trip to the farm and exploring different animal sounds and movements together.

“Shake, Shake the Apple Tree” (CD Track 19) is the perfect tune for your own instrument play-along! Gather whatever you have around the house—metal spoons, wooden spoons, cups, pots, rhythm sticks, shakers, bells, or bongos—and practice locomotor motions as you play your instruments. March and tap, glide and shake, or hop and jingle!

Instrument play-alongs help children develop gross- and fine-motor skills, coordination, confidence, and an ear for rhythms, steady beats, and musical variety.

Have fun with the fantastic At Home Materials provided courtesy of a funding grant from Sunshine Coast Regional Council and I look forward to seeing you for our next ABC Music & Me session at Kin Kin Playgroup.

Around the Farm Week 2

This week we visited the farm once more.  We heard and played a real cow bell and enjoyed moving to the the verse “Clever Cows” using our fingers to climb the hill and then our whole bodies.  You can supplement this rhyme with other silly details.  Maybe the cows are different colors, polka-dotted, or striped. Perhaps they bump into some sheep on the way up the hill, or eat macaroni and cheese rather than grass. Remember—there’s always time to be silly!

Creativity may come to each of us naturally, but it is also a skill that can be developed with practice. 2 to 4-year-olds may need some help making up story or movement ideas. Asking your child specific questions to supplement or fill in the blanks in stories and rhymes can help her get started.

Around the Farm Week 3

There were smiles, giggles and plenty of singing at Kin Kin Playgroup this month as we continued with our theme of  “Around The Farm”.  We enjoyed walking, tip-toeing, wriggling and running in the Green Grass (Home CD track #5), playing peek-a-boo and swishing our scarves to “Wind in the Corn” (Home CD track #18) and had plenty of fun as we took our ponies for a ride in “Hayride” (Home CD track #15).

At home you can play CD track #5 and walk, wiggle, roll and jump to this engaging tune.  Then invent your own verses, changing any part you want to: try stomping in the green grass, leaping in the purple grass or even swimming in the blue water!

Play your early childhood rhythm sticks along to your favourite CD track.  Try playing them up high, down low, quietly & loudly!

Providing a predictable rhythm enables your child to focus on exploring other ways – such as lyric changes, creative movements or instrument play-alongs – to expand his experience of the song.  This simple tune supplies the ideal base for your own creative additions.

Around the Farm: Week 4

Listen to “Ten Fluffy Chicks” (Home CD track #7) and practice the motions described below, then say it on your own without the CD. If you’re feeling creative, try making up your own four-line poem about another farm animal, and invent your own set of corresponding motions.

Finger plays are fun, and by matching words with motions, your child is also expanding her vocabulary, practicing fine-motor skills, and learning to correspond words and their meanings with mental images and physical movements.

Ten Fluffy Chicks


Five eggs and five eggs, that makes ten.

Hold up one hand, then the other, and wiggle all ten fingers.

Sitting on top is the mother hen.

Close one hand into a fist; place your other hand flat on top.

Crackle, crackle, crackle! What do I see?

Wiggle the fingers of your closed hand while slowly pulling

your hands apart.

Ten fluffy chicks, as yellow as can be.

Hold up and wiggle all ten fingers.

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