Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

boy_dad_handsSCThere was laughter and giggles aplenty this week at Music2Grow as Village Babies and their parents danced and high-fived their way through “Kerry’s Ten-Penny Wash” and Our Time toddlers bounced and bumped along to “Bazoo, Bazoo, Butz”.  We all enjoy laughing, but did you know that laughter can enhance learning and actually boosts your immune system?

In her book, ‘Start Smart!: Building Brain Power in the Early Years’, Pam Schiller talks about laughter and the brain:  “Laughter increases white blood cell activity and changes the chemical balance of the blood.  This is believed to boost the body’s production of chemicals needed for alertness and memory.  Laughter reduces stress and low stress enhances the brain’s receptivity to learning.  According to researches, laughing (having fun) also boosts the body’s immune system for three days – the day of the fun and the next two.”

So share some of your Kindermusik class activities with family and friends this week – teach them the Cha Cha and the Tango, dance together to “Bangara Dance” or make up your own circle dance to a favourite piece of music and, above all, laugh and have fun!

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