Rituals and Routines – Strengthening the Family Bond.

What is your family’s special ritual?  You probably have many, some may be so ingrained in your daily routines that you don’t even realise you do them.  When our children were young we had an “arriving home” ritual.  As we pulled up in the driveway, I would say “Home again, home again” and my children…

Kindermusik Radio is Here!

Dance, march, skip, and stretch. Swing your partner and then rock to a lullaby. Smile and laugh. These are just some of the activities that parents and children enjoy when they join a Kindermusik class.  We provide parents with a way to engage and interact with their children – while training the brain and soothing…

Silly All Over: Session Notes

We began a new unit of ABC Music & Me at Kin Kin Playgroup today. “Silly All Over” explores your child’s emerging sense of humour, as well as focusing on inhibitory control, following directions and language & literacy.

Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

There was laughter and giggles aplenty this week at Music2Grow as Village Babies and their parents danced and high-fived their way through “Kerry’s Ten-Penny Wash” and Our Time toddlers bounced and bumped along to “Bazoo, Bazoo, Butz”. We all enjoy laughing, but did you know that laughter can enhance learning and actually boosts your immune system?