Rituals and Routines – Strengthening the Family Bond.

What is your family’s special ritual?  You probably have many, some may be so ingrained in your daily routines that you don’t even realise you do them.  When our children were young we had an “arriving home” ritual.  As we pulled up in the driveway, I would say “Home again, home again” and my children would respond with “jiggity-jig!”.  When my husband was with us, he liked to chime in with “like a fat pig!”. It was a little silly, but it always illicited a smile or a laugh.

And even now that our children are grown up, it is often something we say as we arrive home together. There is something comforting about announcing our arrival as we pull in to the driveway after a day at school or a trip away.  It has become one of our family’s rituals.  When we moved house several years ago, it was the familiarity of these little rituals and routines that helped us to feel comfortable in our new surroundings.  For us, the “home again” ritual is almost an affirmation – I’m here, you’re here, we’re home, everything is good!”


Author Meg Cox describes a ritual as “…a routine with sprinkles and extra sauce.” Rituals play a very important role in our everyday lives – helping to anchor children emotionally and making life smoother and more predictable.

Routines give children a feeling of empowerment because they let children know what to expect next.  “They ease children’s natural feelings of vulnerability by giving order to their world.  They help children manage impulsive behaviour by assuring them of what they are supposed to do next.  The repetitious aspect of routines also helps children develop the habit of self-discipline that they need to become self-reliant”*

Creating Rituals and Routines

Creating routines in your day is very easy – most people do it without even realising it.  When you find something you enjoy together, make it your tradition.  It can be as simple as reading a book together each night, singing a special song at bath time or making pancakes together on Sunday mornings.  Here are some ideas to get you started –

♪ Create your own bath-time or bedtime song (make up your own words to a familiar tune)

♪ Have a familiar bedtime or morning routine that you follow every day

♪ Choose a time on the weekend that is set aside for family time together – whether it is gardening, visiting a favourite park, going for a bike ride or exploring a part of your town/city that you may not have seen before, make it your time together

♪ Special weekend meal – a Sunday roast or a cooked breakfast

♪ Summer BBQ – welcome summer each year with your own family celebration

When you interact with your children through consistent routines and specific rituals you are sending them a message of unconditional love and acceptance.  These routines and rituals “create time to be playful, to explore the meaning of our lives, and to rework and rebuild relationships.” **

So enjoy these small everyday moments together.  They are something to treasure and nurture and will become part of who you are as a family.

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Compiled and written by Verna Hewitt (Grad Dip Ed., MA), Licensed Kindermusik Educator

* (Ages & Stages, by Dr Charles E Schaefer and Teresa Foy DiGeronimo, p.140)

** (I Love You Rituals by Beck Bailey, p.14)

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