New Family Unit for Term 4 – Zoo Train!

Jump aboard the Zoo Train!

Join us as we capture the delightful experiences of a trip to the zoo, drawing on the movements, sights and sounds of  zoo animals to inspire musical learning.  We will explore the concepts of steady beat, legato & staccato, timbre and vocal play through group play, individual exploration and a balance of structure and spontaneity – providing the stability and gentle guidance needed to nurture creativity in your little one.

Activities are conducted in an open-ended, playful atmosphere designed to maintain each child’s interest and offer a variety of ways to explore each week’s theme with babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Family Time classes create a foundation for musical growth and development as well as an opportunity for family growth and learning.

Classes commence on Tuesday 4th October.  Register and pay in full by 27th September 2011 for an earlybird discount.

Click Here for a virtual preview of a Family Time class.  Click here for an Enrolment Form or contact Verna for more information.

Age Range: 0 – 5 years

Class Structure: 8-week term with a built-in make-up class

Class Length: 45 minutes each week

Class Size: 6-7 families with at least one caregiver per family

Your musical home kit includes –

  • Home CD of beautifully arranged recordings of the songs and chants from class for listening, dancing and singing (includes a slip-in lyric book)
  • Music & Movement Book: Zoo Train! for early literacy development
  • “Funky Chunky Animal Shaker”, (elephant or giraffe shapes) for music-making at home
  • Home Activities Poster featuring information, activities and ideas to continue the fun at home

So get ready for a joyful, musical ride with Zoo Train!

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