What is Kindermusik and Why is it Such a Great Tool for Learning?

Music and Movement for Early Learning and Development

When you enrol in a Kindermusik class at Music2Grow you are engaging in music-making with a purpose. From our Foundations class for babies, right through to our group musicianship classes for the Young Child, we use the power and joy of music-making to help your child grow during the years most critical to their brain development.
Science has shown that interactive music experiences establish a foundation of early learning that supports sustained growth, confidence and creativity throughout a child’s life.
Music is unique because it is one of the few activities that builds connections across all learning domains. When children are listening to music and participating in music and movement activities, their entire brain is engaged – music stimulates pathways in the brain that are connected to all fields of learning.

Research-based Curriculum

At Music2Grow we use Kindermusik, an award-winning, developmentally appropriate music curriculum that draws upon the works and teachings of early childhood specialists and music educators such as Shinichi Suzuki, Maria Montessori, Zoltan Kodaly, Emile Jaques-Dalcroze and Carl Orff.

We know that children learn best when the learning is playful and engaging. That’s why our classes are hands-on, interactive, intentional time with your child – a place to play, learn and have fun together. Your Kindermusik Home materials, included with every unit, provide you with new music, stories, activities and parent information to help you bring the learning home and to support you as your child’s first and most important teacher.

Knowledge. Courage. Creativity, Self-Control. Empathy. Love of Learning.

These are just some of the gifts your child will find in our Kindermusik classroom – gifts they will carry with them for life.

“I think Kindermusik has given my child a head start in development of motor and social skills. She is more aware of music and movement, she can share and listen effectively. Plus it’s just good fun!” – Michelle P. (Music2Grow Parent)
“My child gets so much out of attending class. She is always happy and relaxed with her teacher and there is always something new to learn (for both of us).” – Katie H. (Music2Grow Parent)

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