Kindermusik Village – a Special Place for Babies and Parents

“It takes a village to raise a child.” – African proverb

What if there were a place for you and your baby?  Where life’s merry-go-round slowed down for a while to let you and your child share in the magical moments that happen through music, movement, touch and sound?  A place to learn and connect with other parents and children and to rediscover the meaning of community?

What if there were a place where someone helped you peek inside your baby’s miraculous little body and brain?  And what if these moments of discovery helped you understand how with every song, rhyme and tickle, with every whisper and peek-a-boo, you help unfold your baby’s natural gifts?

And what if every time you left this place, you took home treasures from the day, inspirations for making that experience come alive with your baby at home?

There is a place – Kindermusik Village – for babies (newborn – 18 months) and someone who loves them.

Join us in Term 3 for Do-Si-Do!  For more information or to book-in for your free trial class please contact Verna.

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