Kindermusik for Preschool and Prep

Music2Grow’s Imagine That! classes are now in a new, afternoon time slot making them even more convenient for children who are already at preschool or prep to join a Kindermusik class.

Imagine That! classes are a great way for your child to develop and consolidate important pre-literacy and language skills using his most loved rituals: music and story-telling.  The Kindermusik curricula have been rigorously researched and designed to ensure a rich, arts-integrated approach to school readiness.  Small-group classes create a musical learning environment that is active, engaging and developmentally appropriate.

How can music prepare my child for school?

At ages 3-5, many children are learning to “tune out” much of the visual, auditory and physical stimuli they encounter.  Positive experiences with music teach children to “tune-in” and encourage them to discriminate, focus and use their attention to stay on task.  They will hear, learn, observe, and wonder even in a larger group or school environment.

Why is music such a great teaching tool?

Your child’s entire brain is engaged when listening to music and participating in music and movement activities.  Music stimulates the pathways linked to all fields of learning.

Can my child benefit from group music classes?

Absolutely!  Through group music experiences, your child is not only developing valuable musical skills, motor skills & cognitive skills, he is also developing vital social skills such as focused listening, sharing, turn-taking and inhibitory control that will make the transition to school life easier for him.

A recent study conducted to assess whether structured group music activities have an effect, either positive or negative, on toddlers between 12 and 24 months old, found that:  “…participation in four to seven music sessions significantly increased higher level developmental skills. Significantly more children in the music group demonstrated higher level music and cognitive skills than did those in the control group.”*

Join us for a new semester of Imagine That! – “Hello Weather, Let’s Play Together” – commencing on 11th February 2011.  All new enrolments received by 17th January will go in the draw to win back a term of tuition at Music2Grow.  Click here for more information about our upcoming semester or phone or email Music2Grow to find out more.

* “Effects of Parent/Child Group Music Activities on Toddler Development: A Pilot Study”, Jayne M Standley; Darcy Walworth; Judy Nguyen, Music Therapy Perpsectives; 2009; 27, 1; ProQuest Direct Complete p.11

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