Music Makes Travelling With Children Easy…Really!


Childbirth and parenting classes should include a section called “Packing for the littlest traveler.”

Parents who travel with a young child often look like a mobile baby super store. Pack-n-play, stroller, nursing pillow, sippy cups, bottles, binkies, blankie (and backup blankie), case of nappies, case of wipes, baby food, toys, car seat, two or three outfits for each day, oh, and yes, the child!

Are we there yet?!

At Kindermusik, we know a thing or two about traveling with the under 7 crowd. After all, we play Virtual Travel Agent each week in class. This term in Village we headed to dreamland, with stopovers in Scotland, France, Latvia and some lively dancing in Eastern Europe!

In Our Time, we visited Clapping and Stomping Land, watched frogs in Sweden, hopped on Lukey’s Boat, and took a donkey ride in the West Indies. No packing required!

Next term in Village, we will be chugging around in our “Little Red Caboose”, singing in Russia and dancing in Israel.  So reserve your spot now for the “Zoom Buggy” express!

Kindermusik for the Kindertraveler.

Few children enjoy being strapped in their car seats for long periods of time. Music makes it easier. Create a playlist of your child’s favorite Kindermusik songs for the trip or download these parent-child favorites:

Happy Holidays!

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