3 activities that support oral language development


“Oral language development grows increasingly more important when children enter the formal school years. Teachers expect children to listen to and follow directions with more than two steps, ask and answer questions with plenty of details, and resolve conflicts with peers using spoken words. Oral language development also impacts reading abilities. Research indicates that the number of words a child knows at age three is a reliable predictor of reading abilities in third grade.”

Click on the link below to read the rest of this article from the ABC Music & Me blog and for some simple activities you can do at home to support oral language growth in your preschooler.

3 activities that support oral language development.

ABC Music & Me uses music and movement to teach young learners early literacy and language. Music is the vehicle to develop and strengthen important school readiness skills such as fine- and gross-motor skills, listening skills, sharing, self-regulation, and more. To experience for yourself how ABC Music & Me in the preschool/early learning centre uses music to teach young children early literacy skills, including oral language development, email Music2Grow


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