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Registration is now open for all Term 1 Kindermusik classes at Music2Grow. Classes are held in Cooroy (Tuesdays), Noosa (Wednesdays) & Buderim (Fridays). Click here for our class schedule.

Each age-appropriate unit (for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and big kids, 0-7 years) is packed with music, stories and activities to stimulate language, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development and inspire a lifetime love of music and learning!

2016 – Term 1 Dates
Tuesdays (Cooroy): 2nd February – 22nd March (8-week Term)
Wednesdays (Noosa): 3rd February – 23rd March (8-week Term)
Fridays (Buderim): 29th January – 18th March (8-week Term)

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Unit Themes: Music2Grow
Kindermusik Term 1, 2016

Cuddle & Bounce (0-1 year)
1) Peekaboo!
A house with a baby is a house full of love. (And fun…and toys…and noise!) Peekaboo! peeks into the “1, 2, 3, punch” patterns of repetition, anticipation, and surprise. Have fun with vocal play, sensory exploration, and learning through play.
2) Mama Goose
Share the gift of language, song, play and movement with your baby in this playful unit based on the Nursery Rhymes of Mother Goose. Class activities will help you establish an engaging, joyful, language-rich environment for your child at home.

Sing & Play (1-2 years)
1) Yum!
You and your young toddler will “gobble up” this unit’s strawberries and pancakes, apples, raisins, and other yummy treats. Then you’ll move, move, move! Little bodies learn movement, coordination, and body awareness through contrasts – so get ready to move your body in high-and-low, large-and-small, and even energetic-and-calm ways.
2) Rain or Shine
We are off to explore the sights, sounds and feelings of sunny days and rainy day! A mix of parent-child joint activities and child-focused activities provide you with a unique opportunity to participate in all the music and movement fun, but also stand back, observe and revel in how your older baby and toddler is beginning to walk, talk, sing, play, tap and dance – all on their own!

Wiggle & Grow (2-3 years)
1) Beach Days
Grab your beach ball, we’re going to the beach! Crabs are scuttling, toes are wiggling, waves are crashing , and the sun is shining. We’ll enjoy favourite songs and dances, do an Octopus Hula, jump on a banana boat, and then snuggle up and happily relax to gentle beach sounds and songs as we focus on spatial awareness, listening and responding, transitions and the simple joy of making music together.
2) Marvellous Me
At this amazing developmental moment, your child is basking in the comfort and security of your care but also testing the boundaries of his/her independence. Suddenly able to do so many new things on their own, they are still dependent on you for so many others. In Marvellous Me, we’ll move our bodies, use our senses, explore friendship, favourite things, and feeling good about all the amazing things your toddler can do.

Laugh & Learn (3-5 years)
1) Let’s Play
Gee, but it’s great to meet a friend! Let’s Play mixes favourite toys of childhood with the magic of music and pretend play. A pretend walk to the park develops into problem solving, cooperation, and instrument play. Familiar childhood toys like teddy bears, Jack-in-the-boxes, balls, and spinning tops are nestled into this unit along with luscious vocal play with silly words and rhymes. Happy times are ahead as we take a ride on a train to help us learn about accelerando and about slowing to a stop. Lesson foci of pretend play, cause and effect and prediction, and learning in a group help families learn about the ways children learn to create, assemble, and understand their world as they go about their play.
2) Carnival of Music
Step right up to A Carnival of Music! Children are compulsive music makers. They hum while they play, sing along with the music in the car, and love the opportunity to use wooden spoons and pots from the kitchen as drums. The music and activities in this unit will invite children to play and become comfortable with a variety of instruments; to expand their natural tendency to sing and move and support the development of a strong musical foundation for future enjoyment and pursuit.

Kindermusik for the Young Child (4.5-7 years)
Semester 1
Everything your child learns later in semesters 2, 3, and 4 begins with this early introduction to singing, reading, and writing music and rhythm. Through dances and games that focus on rhythmic development, we’ll learn a keyboard instrument—the glockenspiel—which will be used throughout all the Young Child classes. Your At Home Materials provide the music, instruments, stickers, and activities for a home version of the same playful activities you’ll hear about from class, so your child—and you!—can learn where you’re most comfortable: at home
Semester 3
Semester 3 continues on from Semesters 1 & 2. Appalachian music is a featured musical style this semester. First, you and your child will build a two-stringed dulcimer instrument with materials that we’ll provide. Then in class we’ll learn to play chords and simple melodies on the instrument you built together. We’ll also explore rhythm concepts through dance with an introduction to the basic steps in jazz, ballet, and tap dances. Your Home Materials include dulcimer-making materials, activity cards, and music that features recordings from Appalachia, African-America, and Native American music, as well as the Western Art music of the Nutcracker Suite.

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