New! Cuddle & Bounce Short Course for Babies (0-12 months) in Cooroy

Did you know? Babies who participate in interactive music classes with their parents smile more, communicate better, are easier to soothe, and show earlier and more sophisticated brain responses to music.Baby Dance

Our Kindermusik Cuddle & Bounce Short Course will be held at Cooroy Library and is for babies (0-12 months) and someone who loves them.

Cuddle & Bounce Short Course: Nighty Night focuses on the loving interactions that define your baby’s bedtime rituals. Enter the musical world of dreams and lullabies as we explore a variety of dreamy, playful and upbeat activities together. We’ll see the moon and the twinkling stars, and say hello to Wee Willie Winkie and the man in the moon! We’ll explore a huge range of baby safe instruments including baby bells, shakers, chime balls, clackers, scarves and drums. So, slip off your shoes, take a deep breath and share the ‘I love you’ of Nighty Night by saying, playing, listening and singing with your little one.

This is the perfect opportunity for you and your baby to experience our Kindermusik program for the youngest little music maker and will lead into our Cuddle & Bounce term program commencing in Term 3 in Cooroy on Tuesdays.

Special Price: $70
Includes 4 x 45 minute classes and Kindermusik@Home Materials (your online parenting resource with class music, activities, class story and parent information)

Classes held weekly for 4 weeks commencing Tuesday 17th May, 2016 at Cooroy Library, Tuesdays 11.30am – 12.15pm

Enrol Now. Select ‘Short Course’ and ‘Other Agreed Amount’ for payment.

Kindermusik Cuddle & Bounce for Babies (0-12 months)
Kindermusik Cuddle & Bounce provides a delightful environment unlike any other. Through a unique blend of multi-sensory activities that include creative movement, vocal play, object and instrument exploration, and a colourful literature component, your little one’s growth and development are stimulated and all senses engaged.

Cuddle & Bounce is for lap babies, crawlers and walkers 13 months and under. It incorporates the most current research on early childhood development and provides families a special place for learning and connecting with other parents and babies through music and movement.

Cuddle & Bounce celebrates the amazing journey of your baby’s first year of life, focusing on:

  • Language and Vocal Development – Babies’ early language skills are nurtured as they imitate sounds, engage in lots of give-and-take conversations, and add to communicative abilities through sign language.
  • Brain Development – Through every movement, a baby’s brain synapses and the connections between neurons are created and strengthened.
  • Large and Small Motor Skills – Movement through music activities  support stretching, kicking, rolling, crawling, sitting and standing independently will enhance large motor skills; playful activities such as reaching for or grasping objects will aid small motor skills.
  • Social-Emotional Development – Through lots of cuddling, playing, humming, and dancing, Kindermusik activities help build and strengthen parents’ relationship with children. Side-by-side play and group dance activities with other parents and children provide the important benefits of safe and early interactions with the wider social world.
  • Musical Development – Together, parents and babies will explore simple, baby-safe percussion instruments. Throughout hundreds of different Kindermusik music and movement activities, babies receive an early introduction to the songs, sounds, rhythms, and tempos of music from around the world.

“The time I spend with my son in class each week is invaluable time spent one on one enjoying a playful and relaxed adventure in musical discovery together. It also provides my son Olivier with an opportunity to experience new ways of interacting in a group situation both with the adults and other children present.”- Kindermusik Village Parent (0 – 1.5 yrs).

“My son absolutely loves music and dancing so thoroughly enjoys this class as well as socialising with other children.”- Kindermusik Cuddle & Bounce Parent (0-12 months).

“I think it’s very well structured to the developmental needs of my baby and she absolutely loves it!” – Kindermusik Cuddle & Bounce Parent (0-12 months).

For more information or to reserve your place, Contact Verna.

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