New After School Class (5-7 years)

Music2Grow is excited to add a new Young Child class to our after school schedule.

NEW CLASS DAY FOR TERM 3: This class will be moving to Tuesday afternoons in Term 3 (commencing 7th August 2018) and mid-semester enrolment is available. See our Kindermusik Young Child  page for all the details.

This class is perfect for preschoolers and early school-aged children (4.5 – 7 years) and new enrolments are welcome!

“Music develops the appetite for learning and creates habits of self-discipline and personal tenacity that carry over into every facet of school. Young musicians are skilled at concentration, alertness, memory and self-control. These attributes are basic for success in higher education but, more importantly, in succeeding in life.” – The Joy of Inspired Teaching, by Time Lautsenheizer, p.55


The Kindermusik Young Child program uses a small-group approach to music education providing a pressure-free environment where your child can develop a strong musical foundation alongside creativity, confidence and a life-long love of learning. It is the perfect compliment to your child’s schooling – many families find that attendance at Kindermusik classes aids in the development of skills (such as inhibitory control, coordination, fine-motor skills, auditory discrimination, ensemble play/team-work etc.) that enhance the school learning experience.

During the course of this 4-semester program your child will learn the concepts, language, notation and vocabulary of music and explore a variety of musical styles and genres through songs, games and movement. They will explore and play authentic percsussion, string, pre-keyboard and woodwind instruments.

Small class sizes allow learning to progress in a welcoming and nurturing environment at each child’s individual pace.

ENROL NOW or book in for a PREVIEW CLASS

Read more about what you will experience in a Kindermusik Young Child class, semester fees and inclusions here.

“Kindermusik respects that children need to play to learn. The materials both in the class and for home are wonderful and engaging. The parent information sheets are a great guidance. The gentle approach to meet individual children’s social and emotional needs is also very important to us.” – Melissa S.

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