Healthy, Happy Kindermusik this Winter

Keeping our Classroom Healthy and Happy

Music2Grow is all about raising happy, healthy children in a joyful community of music, family & friends. Winter is one of my favourite times of year, bringing warm sunny days and cooler nights, but it is also the time of year when we see an increase in colds and flu. This winter in particular, we have several influenza viruses circulating in our community and are experiencing higher occurrences of contagious illness than usual.

For this reason, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about the policies that we have in place to help safeguard our children’s health and the ways in which parents and carers can partner with me to reduce the incidence of illness in our Kindermusik classroom over the winter months.

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What should I do if I need to miss a class?

Thank you for staying home when you or your child is unwell and for being sensitive to others in your class who may be at higher risk of complications from the flu, such as pregnant women and young children and babies. If you or your child are unwell, please contact me as early as possible to advise your non-attendance (this will allow me to open your spot for families requiring make-up classes).

Make-up Classes

We have a generous make-up class policy. You can make-up a missed class at any time during a term in which you are enrolled. There is no limit to the number of make-up classes you can attend and you can attend your make-up class in any age-appropriate Kindermusik class where places are available.*

Please notify me of your absence as early as practical and request a make-up class. Attend as many make-up classes as you require.

In the event of teacher illness, a make-up class will be scheduled at a suitable time. I will notify you of the cancellation and the scheduled make-up date.

By the way, our make-up class policy applies for classes missed for any reason, including holidays, family events or work. Please advise as early as practical if you will be missing a class.

What is Music2Grow doing to promote optimal health in the classroom?

  • All instruments and props are cleaned and disinfected before and after each class
  • An anti-bacterial handwash is available for you to use to wash hands before and after your Kindermusik class or even between activities if you wish.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes are also available in the classroom for you to use at anytime.

Thank you again for being partners with me as we work toward providing joyful, enriching, quality learning moments for you and your child!

* Conditions apply. Make-up classes can only be taken in a term in which you are enrolled. Make-up class bookings are dependent on class availability and are not refundable or redeemable for credit.